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NINA KRAMER | About me


What others say about me

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‘Everybody can tell a story. You can tell an enthralling story and you can even invent them!’

‘Even during a short meeting, you are full of ideas and solutions, motivating and inspiring.’

‘Emphatic and a good listener.’

‘You have the rare ability to combine creativity with structure, both on a high level, an awesome combination.’

‘The ability to see connections and the big plan, you like to structure and have an open mind for almost everything.’

‘Creative, resolute and inspiring.’

‘A good sense of humor.’

‘One of the best, while making jokes and telling fun stories, you are always very serious about what you do and want to achieve. You are genuinely interested, optimistic and open minded.’

‘Reliable, you deliver what you promise.’

'Your workshop was very inspiring and left me wanting more. Great balance of theory and working together. Fantastic atmosphere!'

Image: Lion at Dierenrijk Nuenen © Nina Kramer


Background | Ambitions

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Once upon a time there was a young woman studying Industrial Design and wondering if there was more to the world of design than ‘form follows function’. During and after her graduation she made a short sidestep to Theatre Design, which she loved, but still something was missing. She wanted to follow her own ideas, be free. She applied for a master study in fine arts at the Jan van Eyck Academie and got admitted. Two fantastic years followed, building installations, making soundscapes and even put herself in the middle as performing body artist. Then reality kicked in, how to make a living?

To cut a long story short, after graduating as an artist (yes of course it’s about me) I have worked in a hospitals and for Dutch television, got involved in new media, got drawn into the world of corporate communications and back to art again. Since a grand 10 years I work as a lecturer in the fascination world of Communication and Multimedia Design, combined with raising kids. Now that my kids have spread their wings, it is time to follow my own creative path again.

My ambitions? To think about the future in its broadest sense, what are important developments? What will the world look like in future, how will we interact? How can I, as a designer and artist, contribute to that future? And how can I let my imagination run free in my own stories? The heroes journey continues…

Image: Me shooting my hunters bow and arrow in France © Nina Kramer


What else to tell about me

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Even as young kid, I was never conventional. I was the dreamy bookworm, wrapped up in stories, fantasy and fairy tales, but also heavy psychological stuff. On the other hand I was the tomboy, sword fighting with sticks with the neighborhood boys. I am still very much both. A warrior, strong and independent. I can shoot some arrows and hit a target and yes, I can even wield a sword, a real steel one nowadays. And yes, I am still interested in other people’s stories, not just imaginary stories, but real people's stories in real live.

As a highly intuitive person, I am a good listener and can easily connect with other people. On the other hand can I be practical and down to earth, with a real beta and analytical mind. Recently I got an coaching degree, acknowledged by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Read more about my work as coach and intuitive healer on my other website.

I have learned to trust both intuition and reason and find that very helpful in my life and work.

Still want to know more? Well, I play bass guitar in a band, just for fun. I can’t be good in everything!

More about my professional career can be found on LinkedIn

Still want to know more? Contact me!

Image: Me on a windy beach in Denmark © Nina Kramer