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Photography | Zoo and more

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Looking through the lens of a camera makes you focus and pay attention is my personal experience. As I always was fascinated by animals, I just love to take pictures at the zoo, see my ZOO albums at my Gallery. But not just the zoo of course, all pictures on this website are my own. The big landscapes at my homepage are taken during a trip to the Himalaya, a journey to remember. At the moment I am working on a new installation, which will be exhibited during the last weekend of the Dutch Design Week at the Kruisruimte, called Animals.

Image: Lion at Dierenrijk Nuenen © Nina Kramer

Time based | Installations

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As an artist I was never committed to just one medium or technique, and I love to experience with new media, but never as main goal. The message or story comes first. During my two year master study at the Jan van Eyck Academie I made an installation about the divided feeling of being both an introvert and an extravert person, the feeling that at the same time you seek company and solitude. See more about this and other installations in the albums on my Gallery.

Image: I am two beasts - Installation © Nina Kramer

Painting | Drawing | Illustration

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Although I never would call myself a painter, I like to draw and paint when I have time. Sometimes abstract, but mostly inspired by life drawing, animals, people or scenery. This cardinal bird is made by a combination of monotype, a printing technique, and watercolor painting. See also my albums with drawings and paintings in my Gallery.

Image: Cardinal bird - monotype and watercolors © Nina Kramer