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Want to know more? Please contact me if you are interested in;

- working with me as a Fushionist / Consultant
- Story Coaching
- a custom made Workshop
- participating in one of my Story Design courses

I'll be happy to see if I can meet your wishes.

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+31 653229591

Image: Cable knots in the streets of New Delhi, India © Nina Kramer


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'The mushroom' is a well-known building in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I used to come there regular as kid, when it still was a science museum, run by the company Philips.
Sadly enough it is no longer a public building and I am not located exactly here. But I live in Eindhoven, a city said to be the Silicon Valley of the Netherlands with lots of small innovative creativity going on in both design and technology. Amongst other events Eindhoven is well-known for the Dutch Design Week, an international happening every autumn in which I participated with my Madonna installation a few years ago. This fall, 2016, I exhibited again in the Kruisruimte, the last weekend of the DDW. See more on the art pages and my Gallery.

Image: Evoluon Eindhoven, The Netherlands © Nina Kramer


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In 2017 I became a partner of the CKE, Centrum of the Arts Eindhoven. Want to learn how to steer your story in the right direction? Learn more about my courses on the CKE website.
During my career I gained lots of experience in giving lessons and workshops on art, creativity, drawing, painting and storytelling, for example a one week course on painting heaven and hell in France and working for the children’s club of the Van Abbemuseum. Currently I am a part-time lecturer at CMD / Avans Hogeschool, a Dutch University. Of course I teach Story Design and other creative courses. This year I will also lead the Immersive Storytelling Course, which is recently developed.

Image: Fountain in Fontainebleau © Nina Kramer