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NINA KRAMER | Concepting


Concepting and Design

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During my career as a designer it became clear that my strength lies in generating original ideas and combining ideas, wishes and facts, and subsequently working from ideas to strong and original concepts. While as an artist my own imagination is leading, as a designer I strongly believe in recognizing and acknowledging the needs of the people I design for. Knowledge of, and empathy for, the customer and the target group and combining those with an original approach lead to good concepts. Even working with stories I prefer to call myself a Story Designer and not a storyteller. Want to learn more about Story Design? Check out the contact page.

Image: Snow owl at Dierenrijk Nuenen © Nina Kramer

Fusionist and other future jobs

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What do you want to be when you grow up? That is not an easy question and as we speak the world is changing. Many jobs that seem to be relevant and interesting at the moment, might even not be around in approximately twenty to thirty years from now. You might become an Avatar Designer or a Cybernetic Director. Did you dream of that as a kid? Reading an article about jobs of the future made me rethink this question and conclude that I am in fact already a fusionist avant la lettre. Recently, I gave short Story Design workshops for Philips Research and The Library of Eindhoven. I also became a partner of the CKE (Art Centre Eindhoven).

Image: Wrapped up statue at Versailles, France © Nina Kramer

Nina Kramer | Concepting | Projects

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Years ago I worked as a communications consultant, working for well-known companies as Philips and Johnson & Johnson for example. Most recently I restarted my own consultancy practice, now more focused on modern media, due to my experience as a teacher and student coach for CMD Breda / Hogeschool. Combining this with an old love, animals and the zoo, lead to the a very interesting VR project, realized for ZooParc Overloon, part of the Libema group. Curious? Follow this link.

Image: ZooParc Experience at ZooParc Overloon © Nina Kramer